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Our Story

Fashion connoisseurs Debasmita Das and Sagardeep Das came together with their dream of building NUD in 2021, intending to build organic fashion that is sustainable and has a unique niche. As the Research & Development phase continued for a year, the experts worked on understanding the market gap and the trends of the time. 

As a bootstrap clothing brand, NUD’s official website was launched in September’2022.  By breaking barriers and challenges, we’ve successfully carved out our niche in the span of one and a half years. 

From distinct neckline designs and outfit styles crafted to flatter the appearance of women of all body types, to integrating embroidered finesse on the outfits; preserving Indian art, we have come a long way!

What We Do?

As a bootstrap clothing brand, NUD revolves around the idea of curating versatile designs that have a contemporary touch while sustainably retaining the Indian culture. 

We are a slow fashion brand that prioritizes comfort and sustainability. We have always been very patient with our executions, taking the required time before launching a collection. We believe in nurturing the sheer Indian art and culture that is glorified worldwide. Working together with the karigars, Indian artisans, and craftsmen we try our best to bring out the Indian finesse through embroideries, and several other designs. Additionally, we operate our small manufacturing unit and production unit in Kolkata, ensuring quality control and ethical practices. 

Each design goes through a rigorous process of trial and error, giving the team an opportunity to consider how sustainable the final output is and whether it aligns with the taste of the consumer. This means every single outfit that gets launched passes several stages in the Design to the Sampling phase, such as:

  1. Research and Conceptualization
  2. Initial Design Phase
  3. Prototype Development
  4. Fit Testing
  5. Material Selection and Quality Testing 
  6. Refinement and Iteration
  7. Final Production 

Ensuring quality control and ethical production practices throughout our supply chain, we strive to balance business success with social and environmental responsibility.

What NUD Stands For?

NUD, as a brand, has been designed with love and care for the women of today. NUD weaves comfort into each piece of apparel to make you feel your best! 

Our dream is to embrace and empower women, regardless of their unique preferences, by offering a versatile range of fashion choices. Our in-house production and designers ensure each apparel is unique, just like you! With the desire to make our clientele feel (N)ew, (U)nique and (D)ifferent, NUD delivers sustainable fashion for all women who are beautiful, inside out!

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